CarrierLink- Carrier Firewall

Your Secure Gateway


VoIP fraud is the unauthorised usage of paid communication services (such as international calling) charged to an unsuspecting entity whether an enterprise or service provider. Beyond the unauthorised charges stemming from toll fraud, its misuse of communications services can also eat up network resources, leaving them unavailable to legitimate users.

Link IT, Encrypt IT and Connect IT


CarrierLink for our Cloud Service Providers, reduces the risk of toll friaud and offers the opportunity to create secure routes without the time delays associated to direct interconnects.

Link IT

Setting up public peering routes over the Internet can be very simple, the

problem occurs when your security or your customers security is compromised. The CarrierLink firewall is deployed with your Carrier partner and our Class 4 network. Our proprietary VPN enables you to create a virtual interconnect which supports bonding and quality of service.

Encrypt IT

Ensuring none of those SIP packets and headers are breached, your point to point connection supports AES 256 bit encryption. Military grade encryption ensures your link is encrypted and safe, allowing you the time to develop customers without worrying about toll fraud.

Connect IT

Deploying your CarrierLink network nodes is simple, secure and reduces the risk of toll fraud. Managing the quality of your service and deploying virtual interconnects with your key providers, ensures your customers have the safety and quality of service your competitors won't offer.

Cloud Service Provider



• Open up dedicated 


• AES 256 Bit Encryption

• 30MB-350MB interconnects

• VPN based

• Trusted IP's

• QoS

• Bandwidth Management 

• Dedicated Bandwidth

   per client

• Resilient port failover

• Flexible growth plans

• Load balancing

• Toll fraud management

• Point to point interconnect

• High availability (optional)

• Rapid deployment

• Support 1000's of 

   concurrent calls