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Class 4

Soft Switch



Class 4 - Sonus GSX9000HD

Ifrastructure As A Service (IAAS)


Class 4 Soft Switch- GSX9000HD

The Sonus GSX 9000 High-Density Media Gateway is the industry's most trusted TDM/IP media switch, powering four of the world's five most profitable service provider networks. The GSX 9000 gateway features a scalable, blade server architecture that allows networks to add more TDM or IP processing capacity to the GSX 9000 chassis as their network grows and evolves. Each GSX 9000 gateway can expand to over 20,000 circuit-to-packet ports while supporting rich media transcoding, making it ideal for network peering, international gateways and Class 4 switch replacements. The GSX 9000 chassis can also be configured to provide full session border control functionality as a Sonus Network Border Switch, including encryption, topology hiding, DoS protection and QoS safeguards.

Connect Securely

Collocated with redundant Points of Presence (PoP's) in New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo our Class 4 network offers the resilience you expect. Deployed with our CarrierLink Nodes, Interconnects can be made simply and securely with your main IP carriers. IP authentication and direct CarrierLink VPN's can ensure a virtual interconnect can be achieved ensuring high quality voice packets can transit from network to carrier and carrier to end user.

Peering Networks

As our solutions are based on providing you with the Infrastructure to deliver your service, you will have full independence on who you want to connect to. However we do offer the option to connect with a number of our already established key partners that offer secure peering. If you’re looking to deploy a service rapidly and grow your minute and service base, our key partner program ensures you can achieve this with competitive rates and reliable services with established operators with 1000’s of routes.