Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Infrastructure As A Service



Our Cloud Service Provider program offers one of the most efficient and reliable ways into deploying your own Cloud. Hosted in one of the UK largest data centres, we offer a unique service provider program that finally unleashes the power of the Cloud.



The Right Connection

Deploying your Cloud service will only be as good as the connections from your customers site to your hosted applications or servers. Deployment of our Rapidlink bonded service allows you to connect your customer into a 5GB back bone, ensuring 100Mbps inbound and then back out to the Internet. A 99.99% uptime guarentee ensures your customers resilience.


• Dedicated Network Node

• Supports up to 200 VPN

• Bonded up to 350Mbps

• 5GB Failover Backbone

• Delivered into Private VLAN

• Managed Cisco Firewall

• Support up to 200

   - Dedicated Servers

   - Virtual Services

   - Win 2008 Servers

   - Linux Severs

   - Voice Servers

• Dedicated IP Address Range


Your Private Encrypted Network

Utilising low cost DSL connections over 2,3,5,7 or 13 WAN ports, delivers a powerful private 256 AES bit military grade encrypted connections from your customers site to your own Network Node in the data centre, this is all for the fraction of the cost your competitors would offer.


Your Cloud Network Node

The Cloud Service Provider offers a managed service, ensuring you have the time to create the customers, while the experts ensure your uptime. Our CSP program delivers a dedicated Network Node capable of delivering 200 private bonded circuits into your own private VLAN. Your Cloud is secured by a Cisco managed firewall and you can connect up to 200 servers in your VLAN. Additional VLANcan be established for customers wanting a dedicated VLAN.




• Pay as you Grow

• Low Cost Port Access Fees

• Dedicated Control Panel

• 100Mbps In Port and Out Port

• 99.99% Uptime

• Connected to 5GB Backbone

• Redundant Failover

• Bandwidth Management

• Flexible Payment Options

Gold CSP