Your way to the Cloud

Hosted Desktop -Business to the Cloud

In the current economic climate businesses need to be able to adapt, to the changing conditions of the market. Hosted desktops are easily scalable, allowing businesses the flexibility in how many users and desktops they require in their offices. 

Hosted desktop can enhance the customers security, by storing ensures sensitive company data in the cloud and no on the users personal desktop. This is also ideal for disaster recovery, as users are able to use the snapshot technology, which gives the ability to roll-back desktops to different states.

Wyse Dell S10- Thin Client

Wyse Dell R90l7- Windows 7 Embedded

No longer do you need to rely on working on the same computer or working in a single location. With any computer device you can securely connect to our data centres and your Hosted Desktop will be virtualized to you - keeping you firmly connected to your files, applications and team members at all times. Reduce those fuel costs increase your mobility.
Workplace environments are changing; people are working remotely and want
to access their desktop from different devices. With the threat of severe weather
conditions and employees not being able to reach the office, the solution no longer causes a problem for businesses. Employees are able to access their files and data, using a hosted desktop, as they would have done in the office; therefore, the working day is left uninterrupted, making hosted desktops excellent in business continuity plans.

Windows 8 'Surface' tablet

Accessing the vital information you store in your business can be made easy now with the array of device access services. When connecting into your hosted core, the key attribute will be connectivity, if you don’t have that you don’t have your cloud. Our CSP infrastructure ensures 100Mbps connectivity into your hosted services and accessing this from your mobile, windows tablet or IPad, ensures connectivity is king.