Class 5 - Centile Hosted PBX

Ifrastructure As A Service (IAAS)


Class 5 Soft Switch- Hosted PBX

Centile’s IntraSwitch is a software based VoIP applications platform enabling carriers, serviceproviders and new entrants into the VoIP space to cost-effectively deliver carrier-grade and innovative hosted IP telephony services from a data center to hundreds of thousands of enterprise and residential end users over broadband.


IP Centrex: allows service providers to offer hosted IP telephony services to SOHOs, SMEs and larger enterprises including

those with multiple branch offices. The IP Centrex solution provides basic and advanced calling features as well as innovative services and applications. Service providers can, at will, centrally create and manage Virtual iPBXs on one

platform and allow flexible provisioning according to company size. These iPBX instances can be fully customized in terms

of service, device declaration, and group creation.

- Extension/Virtual number dialing

- Speed dial

- Call return

- Last number redial

- Call hold/Retrieve/Alternate/Redirect

- Blind transfer

- Announced transfer

- Three-way calling

- Call waiting

- Call waiting CID

- Call forwarding (always, on busy, on no answer)

- Do not disturb

- CLID blocking

- Call restriction on incoming and outgoing calls

- Anonymous call rejection

- Selective call accept list

- Music on hold

- 3-way conferencing

- Multi-line

- Presence management

- Call park*

- Call pick up*



PB Features

- Direct access from outside

- Language selection

- Password management

- User authentication

- Message waiting indicator

- Listen/Delete message

- Date & time stamp

- Forward message to extension*

- Call back sender*

- Group mailbox*

- Forward message to e mail

- Audio name recording

- Personal greeting recording

- Message notification by e mail

- Configuration

- Customization




Voice Mail

- Simultaneous calls

- Language selection

- Dial by name

- Dial by extension

- Dial from company directory (A-Z)

- Transfer to one extension

- Transfer to a group

- Transfer to specific voice mail

- Direct access from outside

- Repeat prompts

- Distinctive ringing

- Customization





Auto Attendant

- On busy

- On no answer

- Always

- Selective

- Time dependent


- N-way conferencing

- Conference bridge

- Multi-codec

- Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

- Voice mail

- Ring groups

- Hunt groups*

- Call queuing

- PSTN number assignment

- Distinctive ringing

- Agent login/logout

- Agent auto login

- Overflow terminal

- Pause definition

- ACD scenario (i.e. priority definition)

- Barge in/Monitoring in for manager

- Call queuing

- PSTN number assignment

- Selective call forwarding

- Simultaneous ringing

- Call path (day of the week, time of 

  the day)


Optional Extras

- Instant Messsaging

- File Transfering

- Multi Terminal

- Multi Line

- Intercom

Forwarding Rules Management

ACD Features



Group Features

Find-Me Follow-Me