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Class 4 Soft Switch

Migrating your customers to the Cloud requires a business case that can convince your customer. Attacking a customer’s core communications expenditure is essential to this migration journey. Our Class 4 Global switching service offers partners low cost access to a full managed service. Our managed service differs from other suppliers, as we provide you with the control and independence you need. Connecting your own carrier partners without the engineering cost and overhead is part of the essential business program we offer you, with your cloud migration business model.

Class 5 Hosted PBX

Deployment of a Centrex based service that has all the features, but not the cost, can be made simple our hosted Class 5 platform 'Centile'. Centile offers you an all-inclusive package of features including Click 2 Dial, Outlook integration, Presence, Instant messaging, Conference Bridge and Auto Attendant, all for the same inclusive price. Auto provision of popular handsets and increased mobility for home workers ensures deployment of your Class 5 Hosted PBX is made very efficient as well as profitable.


Our Rapid PBX solution resides on a developed Asterisk platform. Rapid PBX allows a dedicated instance of the service to go live within 20 minutes of ordering. Rapid PBX resides within one of the UK largest data centres. A dedicated 100Mbps connection ensures the call quality is not dictated by having the system residing on your own LAN. Connectivity is private and encrypted and terminates through our Class 4 network service. No stock! Reduced deployment times and easy management and provisioning.