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can secure your data and

eliminate IP telephony toll


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Solve the biggest

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Low cost connectivity,

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Cloud Service Provider


Our Cloud Service Provider Program offers trade partners the opportunity to open their business up to the Cloud and create a truly high quality service and experience to their customer.


The Cloud Service Provider platform offers a solution to the connectivity problem most applications experience.


We have a simple but effective business case you cannot refuse.





Secure Services

Global Voice Network

One of the biggest challenges in getting a customer to migrate to the Cloud is their concern about connectivity and security. Our SecureLink network goes some way in answering those problems.


Multiple DSL connections and back up mobile USB ensures you are always connected. Our bonding technology ensures a high quality link is formed over an AES 256 Bit encrypted link, making your connection into the heart of the network through a 100Mbps link, secure and bonded.

The problem with partnering with other hosted voice provider is control. You lose the ability to flourish with your own services ideas.


Likewise the problem with running your own network,comes with its own sets of challenges, such as cost, management and increases in capital and operational expenditure.


Our managed IP telephony services are designed to bridge that problem by giving you the commercial control, while we manage the network at a fraction of the cost.