Welcome to your Cloud

Our network is connected to one of the UK largest data centre and Internet service providers. Combine your DSL connections with SureLink and you get high speed bonded DSL.


Are you to far from the local exchange to get a quality Internet connection? Are you paying for high cost lease lines?


Our Aggregated Satellite service delivers blistering speeds and when combined with DSL you don't have any latency.


Connect your Windows, Linux or our Rapid PBX server and see how your bonded Internet connectivity can speed up and secure your IT systems.


Hosted Desktop

Take your Desktop

on your tablet, laptop,

PC and mobile

Microsodt Lync

Collaborate, Share, Chat

Message, talk, transfer

and Video Message


Office 365

Your Microsoft Office

for one fixed monhtly


Collaborate with your work colleagues through instant messenger, internet telephony, file transfers, conference calling and video chat,


The flexibility of accessing your desktop from any device such as your laptop, mobile or tablet is made easy with our bonded and secure hosted service.

One simple monthly payment ensures you have the most up to date Microsoft Office software suite and a lot more, SharePoint portal, SkyDrive, Web mail and shared Calendars.


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