Connect up to 200 servers in your own dedicated or shared VLAN

Hosted Servers


Hosted a dedicated or

virtual server directly from

your bonded Internet



Infrastructure with

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Your Cloud

Ifrastructure As A Service (IAAS)


Your Cloud

Core to our Cloud Service Provider program is the ability to deliver the applications and services that your customer can now be empowered with, by utilising their bonded Internet service. Deploying your customers SureLink solution enables you to offer advanced Cloud based applications through your CSP service. Deployment of an

instant VoIP PBX, Windows Server or Linux server can be achieved in 20 minutes and with our partner service we can offer you support in migrating your customers onsite service to the cloud.


Once your customer’s connection has been bonded into your Cloud Server Providers platform, they will have access to your shared or dedicated VLAN. Dependant on the kind of Cloud Service Provider program you have signed up to, will determine how many servers you can host. Plans start from as little as 50 servers to a maximum of 200 per VLAN. Your customers are then bonded into the VLAN where they can manage or connect to their dedicated or virtual server with the bandwidth they have always desired. Deployment of your customers Cloud service now can be delivered with confidence.



Your Cloud Service Provider instance not only has the relaibility of its 256 AES bit encrytption that the SecureLink bonder have, it also has two redundant Cisco AS 5505 firewalls. Trusted IP can be registered so traffic or connectivity from the outside can still be managed as well as the ability to VPN through a remote client. If you have a dedicated CSP you have the option to have your Cisco AS 5505 managed or your can manage them yourself.